Left; Brooch"circle of circles"   Right; Brooch "waves of red"


My body of work began with gathering research and inspiration from my surroundings, including everyday patterns and colour. Picking out ubiquitous circular shapes to create my Graduate collection. I have transferred my inspiration into my work by mainly looking at colour plus the patterns I was drawn to. I have explored different techniques to create pattern and repetition into my collection of jewellery.

I have been exploring the technique of enamelling; which has been a great way to add colour and texture to my collection. I have combined my enamelling work with a non-precious light metal; aluminium which has allowed me to work in a larger scale. I have additionally used a variation of cold connections in my work which has allowed me to make my Graduate collection of jewellery playful and able to interact with the wearer.



All photos on this site were taken by Shannon Tofts